2 December 2015

Investment commentary (December 2015)

NOVEMBER 2015 HIGHLIGHTS •    A number of tragic events sent waves of sorrow and fear around the world and contributed to some market volatility, particularly mid-month. •    Dropping oil prices and the strong U.S. dollar weighed on Canada’s resource sectors, moving the S&P/TSX Composite just slightly into negative territory for November. •    Following a mid-month decline, U.S. equities […]

2 July 2015

Investment commentary (July 2015)

Market Matters Q2 2015 Highlights Improving economic data out of the US, Europe and Japan was juxtaposed with mounting angst over Greece’s debt crisis and the sustainability of China’s bull market. North American equity markets traded in a range, ending the quarter in negative territory, while fixed income markets were particularly volatile. Yields on bonds […]

3 June 2015

Investment commentary (June 2015)

Market Matters MAY 2015 HIGHLIGHTS The US and Canadian energy sectors (which had rebounded strongly last month on stabilizing oil prices) were the weakest performing sectors on both sides of the border (see table 3). While oil prices moved back into a $60/barrel WTI range, energy companies had already priced in a higher range for […]

4 May 2015

Investment commentary (May 2015)

Market Matters APRIL 2015 HIGHLIGHTS The domination of US dollar strength reversed in April. The stumble in the US dollar value was especially visible versus the Euro, the Brazilian real, and the Canadian dollar. Oil prices rose 25% for the month, the largest monthly percentage gain since May 2009. A weakened greenback and the anticipation […]

6 April 2015

Investment commentary (April 2015)

Market Matters Q1 2015 HIGHLIGHTS During the quarter diverging monetary policies around the world contributed to volatility and uncertainty within equity and fixed income markets. –    In Canada, the Bank of Canada broke its four-plus year hold at the 1% interest rate level, and surprised investors with a 25 basis point cut to 0.75%. –    The U.S. […]

9 February 2015

Investment commentary (February 2015)

Market Matters JANUARY 2015 HIGHLIGHTS There were few places to hide from market volatility in January, and investors took a cautious ‘risk-off’ approach to start 2015. Central bankers made headlines with a flurry of surprising announcements in January: >    January 15th the Swiss National Bank (SNB) abruptly ended its policy of pegging the value of its […]

13 February 2014

Investment commentary (February 2014)

  Market Matters JANUARY 2014 HIGHLIGHTS      Financial markets performed more spins and turns than a Russian ballet in January. Few market watchers anticipated such a start to 2014: O    Best January since 2008 for bond markets. O    Worst January since 2010 for equity markets. O    The gold price, having been pounded down for more than a year […]

4 November 2013

Investment commentary (November 2013)

Market Matters   OCTOBER 2013 HIGHLIGHTS   •    American politics took centre stage in October. Fiscal issues were hotly debated resulting in stand-offs, hold-outs, shut- downs and the eventual do-over of budget and debt ceiling discussions as deadlines were kicked down the road to early next year. •    The 16-day U.S. government shut-down and debt ceiling debate […]