10 January 2013

Investment commentary (January 2013)

  2012 Highlights Sovereign debt levels remained a key issue impacting global markets in 2012. After much drama, American policy makers crafted a last- minute deal to avoid toppling over the fiscal cliff – dealing with the tax issues, but merely delaying the resolution of spending cut issues for a couple of months. The European […]

4 January 2013
Tax and Planning

Your Financial Security (Issue 1, 2013)

  – Who says investments don’t come with guarantees? – Privacy and probate – Effective diversificationputs you in control View the full article attached (.pdf):

3 December 2012

Investment commentary (December 2012)

Market Matters NOVEMBER HIGHLIGHTS On November 6th American’s re-elected their president, Barack Obama for a second four-year term. U.S. job growth, fiscal policy (e.g. taxes) and health care all played central roles during the election campaign. The U.S. housing market showed good positive momentum, but the negative economic effects of hurricane Sandy dampened expectations for other data, […]

5 November 2012

Investment commentary (November 2012)

OCTOBER HIGHLIGHTS Good news from the global economy – early fourth quarter data supports “soft landing” in China. South Korea reported a rise in factory output last month, while Germany’s retail sales in September rose more than expected. The United Kingdom’s economy emerged from recession after a nine-month downturn. The S&P/TSX composite index rose in […]

12 October 2012

Investment commentary (October 2012)

Q3 HIGHLIGHTS  After significant weakness in the second quarter, global equity markets sprang to life over the summer, reflecting the growing belief by investors that the efforts of global central bank authorities will help the world economies grow instead of contract. (see Table 1)  A „risk-on‟ trade ensued with cyclical equity sectors, commodities and corporate bonds […]

10 October 2012
Product Updates

Critical illness insurance changes coming in late October

  October 23, 2012 Update!! Please contact your advisor for detail.  Note: All percentages are an estimate only and represent an average of age 30-50 rates and are based on standard risk $100,000, non-smoker plans. New rates estimate: 1) base plans increase 5.5%-13.5%; 2) additional benefits (riders) increase 22%-30%. Changes effective Nov. 26, 2012. After […]

9 October 2012
Product Updates

London Life remains committed to the income market

In a time when others are removing their guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefits from the market, London Life’s lifetime income benefit option on segregated fund policies remains. In response to recent market volatility and interest rates, the income payout and deferral bonus have been modified. We continue to provide viable income solutions reflecting our company’s commitment […]

12 September 2012

Investment commentary (September 2012)

AUGUST HIGHLIGHTS Global equity markets continued to rally, showing resilience in the face of ongoing economic concerns. Hopes grew (and were later answered) for policy and stimulus action to rescue fragile economies and lift investors’ confidence. Economic stimulus announcements from Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, and (early in September) China and European Central Bank (ECB) […]

11 September 2012

Collateral mortgages: Why banks like them

Collateral mortgages: Why banks like them[1] If you’re buying a house and are shopping for a mortgage this spring you may come across something called a collateral mortgage. This home financing tool has been around for a while, but mainly in the background. Now it’s going mainstream with both TD Bank and no-frills ING Direct […]

10 September 2012

Beware the pitfalls of collateral mortgages

Beware the pitfalls of collateral mortgages[1] When you apply for a mortgage, you usually just ask about the term, amount, interest rate and monthly payment. Not many people understand the difference between a conventional mortgage and a collateral mortgage. Yet many banks are now asking borrowers to sign collateral mortgages — and it could result […]