3 September 2013

Investment commentary (September 2013)

Market Matters AUGUST 2013 HIGHLIGHTS •     Political and economic concerns grew throughout the month and weighed on global equity and fixed income markets. •     Bond yields rose sharply over the summer months with anticipation that the U.S. Federal Reserve would soon begin to taper their asset purchasing program. •     Bond values dropped overall, but were […]

20 August 2013
Tax and Planning

Your Financial Security (Issue 3, 2013)

New online tool lets you investigate recovering market opportunities Emotions can play a big role in how people manage money, and short-term events can alter long-term financial security plans. With signs the economy is starting to improve, it’s a great time to look back at recent volatility and plan to take advantage of a potential […]

2 August 2013

Investment commentary (August 2013)

Market Matters JULY 2013 HIGHLIGHTS •     It was a positive month for global equity markets, with developed markets outperforming their emerging market counterparts. •     The S&P500 rebounded strongly from June’s decline and achieved new highs in July. While recent economic data has been mixed, corporate earnings have shown strength and overall consumer confidence is at […]

1 July 2013

Investment commentary (July 2013)

Market Matters Q2 2013 Highlights •     Concerns over U.S. stimulus programs winding down roiled capital markets. Most of the action took place in June. •     Bond yields rose sharply on the prospect of less ‘easy-money’ in the system (i.e. less government backed demand for bonds), driving bond values down. Bond markets world-wide followed suit with […]

3 June 2013

Investment commentary (June 2013)

Market Matters MAY 2013 HIGHLIGHTS •    Remarks from U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke raised concerns over a reduction of their stimulus programs beginning sooner than expected. o    Both equity and bond markets lost ground further to the remarks (though most equity markets still managed a positive result for the month). o    Improving U.S. economic data and the […]

6 May 2013

Investment commentary (May 2013)

APRIL 2013 HIGHLIGHTS A shifting tone from ‘pro-austerity’ to ‘pro-growth’ by Japanese and European policymakers provided a lift to both bond and equity market results. Capital market results highlight clear winners and losers in April, continuing the theme of diverging performance that is now several months in the making: o Developed markets (France, Germany, Japan, […]

3 April 2013

Investment commentary (April 2013)

Q1 2013 HIGHLIGHTS S&P500 hit a record high level, 1569, at the end of the first quarter – marking a 131% rise since the March 9, 2009 bear-market low of 676 (sixth best bull market for the index since 1929!). The S&P/TSX Composite lagged its global peers. The Materials sector suffered significant declines as mining […]

1 April 2013
Tax and Planning

Your Financial Security (Issue 2, 2013)

– Staying on track to achieving your investment goals – One solution to help small business owners creditor-proof some assets – Four strategies to help you pay less tax – The facts on standard charge mortgages vs. collateral charge mortgages View the full article attached (.pdf):

5 March 2013

Investment commentary (March 2013)

FEBRUARY HIGHLIGHTS By and large the bull market for equities remains intact – particularly for developed countries – as investors rotate from fixed income into equity assets. An indecisive election in Italy, ponderings over the eventual unwinding of U.S. quantitative easing programs, and the latest self-imposed U.S. fiscal deadline gave investors pause, but little more. […]

15 February 2013

Investment commentary (February 2013)

JANUARY HIGHLIGHTS The World Economic Forum (WEF) released guarded but positive news at its annual meeting in January. The WEF said the global economy faces fewer headwinds in 2013 compared with last year and is expected to grow a modest 3.5 percent. However, the global economic recovery remains fragile. Global stock markets continued their dramatic […]