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U.S. Dollar Funds



Overview – Understanding the U.S. dollar option

U.S. dollar priced funds should be considered for the convenience of clients who want to spend U.S dollars.

Features of holding U.S. dollar priced funds:

·         There is no investment merit to holding the USD-priced over the CAD-priced version of the same fund as purchases and redemptions are handled in U.S. dollars.

·         For any fund that has a USD option, the Fund units are part of the same pool of assets as the CAD priced Fund units. For USD-priced units, we take the CAD price and convert that price to USD.


Transaction type Conditions
Opening a plan & placing purchases U.S dollar funds:

·      Only permitted on client-held, non-registered plans

·      Cannot be combined into an account with Canadian Dollar funds – a new account application will be needed

·      Not permitted into U.S. Dollar plans

Ø  EFT purchases

Ø  Systematic transactions (PAC/AWD)


*Do not place purchases for U.S funds on Investment Centre.

Funded by: Payable in: Payable to: Other requirements
Cheque U.S. dollars ·    The fund company

·    For QGOF USD funds, one of the following:

Ø Quadrus

Ø Quadrus Group of Funds

Ø Quadrus Investments

Ø Quadrus Investments Services Ltd.

Money order/bank draft Must include client name and bank account number


Switches and Redemptions


·      Enter Switch and redemption transactions through Investment Centre on a U.S dollar plan.

·      Switches cannot be placed from U.S. dollar funds into Canadian dollar funds

·      Redemptions cannot be paid out via EFT. Proceeds will be issued by cheque in U.S dollars.

Submit paperwork

Format accepted: Purchases Switch/Redemption
To: Head office Original Fax
Use complex cover sheet – 46-8875
Branch Original Original
Client/Policyowner Copy Copy
Representative Copy Copy
Inter-office mail: London T-424

Montreal R5301

Fax: 1-877-814-6492 London

1-866-790-0911 Montreal


Contact: Call your Advisor Services Representative (ASR):

Contact us > Investments > Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. > ASR Contact list

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